At RAM Partners, the flexible reporting systems we employ are the result of our many years of experience in servicing a diverse array of clients and properties. Our customized software – both at each property site and at the corporate office – provides timely, accurate and useful information at all levels:

  • On-site management
  • Supervisory staff
  • Home Office Accounting
  • Management Executives
  • Clients/owners

We provide daily updates of operating data and make them available to our clients in a number of performance and financial tracking reports. And in addition to providing a fully detailed accounting report, we provide analysis of the trends of key performance and financial variables.

Custom Reporting

Through our work with pension funds, banks, government institutions and other clients with intensive reporting requirements, we are accustomed to adapting our financial reports to suit any format, as well as to operating the property-level general ledger on any chart of accounts you may require.

If custom reporting is not required, we have an effective, standard management-oriented reporting format in place.

Because our highly developed management and reporting systems are only as useful and dynamic as the people who use them, we ensure that all supervisory management and administrative personnel are fully trained on all current office software. As a result, we can provide our clients with fast, efficient and well-designed management information in a variety of formats.

Standard Reporting

Our standard reporting system includes the following components (additional reporting elements can be added upon your request):

  • Weekly: We prepare a detailed Occupancy and Financial Trend Report for each client/property.
  • Monthly: We provide a full owner’s report and year-to-date financial statements on or before the 15th of each month.
  • Quarterly: We prepare a strategic marketing plan, which includes comparable surveys to show your property’s current market position and a list of steps to improve that position.
  • Semi-Annually: We perform a budget review, if necessary.
  • Annually: We develop a detailed management and marketing plan, and we prepare an operating budget.

Other Standard Reporting Deliverables:

We make a wide range of management reports available online at your request.

Our weekly home-office management reports provide daily, weekly and monthly traffic, occupancy and income trends.

We can offer any other reports, graphics or compilations you may require on a regular or as-needed basis.

We can provide custom formats of most reports at your request.

Marketing and Leasing Reports

We believe that the measurement of marketing and leasing performance indicators is critical to maximizing your net operating income. For that reason, we make the following reports available on-demand via direct client access, the home office or the property:

  • Property status report
  • Leasing summary report
  • Marketing/advertising source effectiveness
  • Availability status report
  • Daily activity report
  • Daily vacancy analysis
  • Lease renewal planning worksheet
  • Resident profile
  • Monthly occupancy and financial trends of key factors (12-month history)
  • Concession matrix
  • Market survey
Compensation Structure

Our Management Fee Structure is simple - we provide our clients an up-front, all-inclusive fee for the management services we mutually agree are required for each property. We have found it is easier for our clients to find value in the service we provide when the fees related to those services are known up-front. Besides, we believe that our clients should not have to pay for extra services that they may consider part of our core management duties.

We provide clients with access to our records at any time, and we make certain that - in those instances when additional fees are required - those fees are always consistent with the terms of our management agreement.