Management Philosophy

The success of our organization and the properties we manage depends on the quality of people we have in place and the level of value we provide to our residents, our clients and our employees.

As a service company that manages properties for third-party owners, RAM Partners recognizes that its primary asset is its PEOPLE. We seek quality, experienced professionals who share our passion for delivering VALUE through quality, hands-on customer service in everything they do. We manage our clients' properties as if they were our own. We embrace our clients' objectives and goals, and we understand that our reputation impacts their reputation.

This commitment is embraced by RAM Partners' employees and is engrained in our operations, whether on-site or at the home office.

Quality People and Commitment to Service

Led by our senior leadership team, RAM Partners has developed a tried and true method for delivering value for its stakeholders, clients, residents and employees by inspiring a company-wide commitment to quality service.

Commitment to All Stakeholders

  • We establish clear communications among our management team, maintenance team, leasing staff, contractors, clients and residents to maximize our responsiveness and problem-solving abilities.
  • We maintain the appearance of all our managed properties at a superior level.
  • We conduct and complete regular inspections.
  • We listen to our clients’ and residents’ suggestions for property improvement, condition or image.
  • We continually evaluate all areas of property operations in order to address weak areas and reinforce strong ones.

Commitment to Clients

  • Our commitment to service starts on day one, with a thorough review of client goals at all levels, conducted by an experienced staff equipped to meet those goals.
  • Our on-site and corporate staff is experienced in all sizes, types and classes of multi-family assets, and can adapt quickly to address new management strategies.
  • Goals for all areas of property operations are reviewed on an ongoing basis, adjusted accordingly and reinforced through our training and recognition programs.
  • Good communication is critical to our shared success, so we make accessibility a priority.
  • Our Area Vice Presidents keep in contact with our clients and conduct regular visits to each property we manage.
  • This level of interaction allows us to fully understand our clients’ assets, goals and expectations for performance in order to provide the highest level of service.
  • As clients’ needs and goals change over time, this ongoing communication allows us to adapt quickly and seamlessly.

Commitment to Residents

  • Our residents are our day-to-day customers, and we are committed to listening to their needs.
  • We personally contact residents after move-in, after service requests and prior to renewal.
  • Based on input from residents, we are able to deliver extraordinary service, including the ability to determine where improvements can be made.
  • We turn problems into opportunities.
  • We take action and deliver on what we promise.
  • " the unexpected."

Commitment to Employees

  • To ensure we start with the best people, we are selective in our hiring process.
  • To ensure we retain the best people, RAM Partners is committed to enhancing our employees’ career development through ongoing education and training, providing resources and support, and promoting from within.
  • We encourage our employees to perform at their best by offering a program that rewards service excellence.
  • We empower our employees to become problem solvers. At the same time, we offer a “flat” organization and an open door policy that fosters sharing of knowledge across all levels of the company.

The Result: Value

In short, we have an energized, empowered and experienced team that provides unmatched level of service that is valued by residents. Residents, in turn, respond by paying rent on time, renewing their leases with the requisite increases and referring the property to their friends. The impact of their actions on the bottom line is valued by our clients. The entire process represents a smart move for all involved.

Value Proposition

At RAM Partners, we feel that our competitive advantage is clearly exemplified in three key areas:

Our People

Our experienced team of corporate and on-site personnel is well-trained, well supported, highly motivated and empowered to do what it takes to deliver service excellence to our clients and residents.

Our Perspective

Our approach to the properties we manage is with an owner’s perspective and attitude. The level of care and responsibility we take with all of our properties – backed by decades of combined management expertise – allows us to deliver the highest level of value.

Our Partnership

As a third-party management company, we view our clients as partners not competitors. We share with our clients the mutual desire to offer residents the highest level of quality for each and every one of the properties we manage.