Insurance Program

At RAM Partners, LLC, we have developed a comprehensive Insurance and Risk Management Program specifically designed to provide value to our clientele through the use of proven risk management techniques and the bundling of property values for the purpose of providing superior coverage(s) and competitive premiums. Our risk management team is very experienced in the property management industry and provides a high quality of service directly to our clients. These services include premium negotiations, insurance program structure, contract reviews, liability claims management, workers’ compensation claims management and property claims consulting. Additionally, our senior leadership team is constantly monitoring the programs that are provided by our risk management team, with both groups continuously working together for positive results.

As part of our Risk Management Program, we at RAM offer our clients the opportunity to participate in a very comprehensive and competitively priced Risk Management and Master Insurance Program. This master program has been in place for more than 12 years and has grown from approximately 1,000 units to more than 14,000 units participating. The program is designed so that no clients and/or property assets share coverage with any other clients and/ or assets and each insurance carrier within the program carriers an AM Best rating of A-VIII or higher. Additionally, each property location stands on its own coverage limits and has up to $35 million in Umbrella coverage.

Our umbrella insurance program provides clients and property owners with an umbrella limit that is above the standard in today's property management industry. The RAM program provides true umbrella coverage and not just general liability excess coverage.


Property Insurance

The property insurance portion of the RAM Master Insurance Program provides for “full limits” for each property as detailed in the Statement of Values. There are no per occurrence “loss limits” within the program. Historically, the property deductibles range from $5,000 - $10,000, AOP (All Other Peril) and 2% - 5% of the building value for Wind and Hail in coastal exposed locations.

Commercial General Liability

The general liability insurance portion of the RAM Master Insurance Program provides for comprehensive coverage as compared to today's standards. This program provides for the owning entities of the properties to be "Named Insured's". Additionally, the general liability is offered to RAM's clients with zero deductible.